Wednesday, February 8, 2012

diablo release from blizzad

as we all know, that its been big issue on the internet that blizzard need a very very long time to release their new game, diablo III. and several fanatics fans even laught and make this issue as a bad joke.

here the sample of the issue :

"There is no Diablo 3 release date, and Blizzard has never given one. When asked about a release date, Blizzard employees give the same reply for all their games.

"When it's done."

The current official line concerning a release date is "early 2012" and that's as specific as it gets"

"I completely forgot there was a Diablo 2 Asia server, and I was just wondering...

Do any of you guys play on the Asia server? I don't know the level of english they have there so if there are none here I wouldn't be surprised. Of course, I should really be playing on Asia servers now that I am in China for this year.

Anyway, I was just wondering if there were enough players who played on Asia, who spoke English, to spark enough interest in possibly an Asia trading forum. I googled Diablo 2 Asia, and a thread on the battlenet forums actually came up with a suggestion for an Asia trading forum, for those who were non-native asian language speakers."

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